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KS CCH Training Class - General Information

The KS CCH training course, as mandated by statute, is to be a minimum of 8 hours. Our day classes start promptly at 08:30 (8:30 am) - unless otherwise noted in schedule - and end around 19:00 (7:00 pm).

Our course fee is $100 for members of the general public and $80 for law enforcement, detention, dispatch, fire, ems, and military personnel and their spouses - this is over and above the fees charged by the county and state. The fee is payable to Defense Midwest LLC upon application and for class reservation.

Handguns must be clear / empty of all ammunition when you come to class – they will be checked at the door prior to the start of training. Handguns must be kept in a holster or a case during training. There will be no ammunition allowed in the classroom – please keep it in your vehicle until it is time for the range. Absolutely no unauthorized handling of handguns during the training class. You are not required to qualify with the handgun you intend to carry – however it is a good idea to train with what you carry.

The qualification Course requires 25 rounds and the practice session could take up to 150 rounds. We recommend you come to class with 200 rounds – factory ammunition is required.

Please bring plenty to drink and eat during the course of instruction. Short breaks will be taken to allow for you to have access to additional items. Eating and drinking are allowed during the lecture portions of the training. We will take a short 30-minute break for lunch around noon – you are welcome to bring your lunch or make a quick trip into town to pick something up.


Smoking is banned from the classroom facility and is not allowed on the firing line. Smoking and chewing are allowed in other areas on the training facility.

There is one restroom at the facility. You are allowed to use the restroom facilities at any time, as needed.

You will be provided a training manual. You will need to bring a supply of pens for taking notes and filling out the required forms for training.

Don’t forget medications and other small medical items. We recommend you bring any medication you might need during the day. Remember to wear sun block during the range portions and to be prepared for things like bug bites or other stings.

Our lectures are very informal. If you have any questions regarding the materials please feel free to put your hand up at anytime. Many times, if one person has a question others probably do too. We welcome open discussions regarding the materials.

Please wear appropriate clothing for the weather conditions – we will be on the range in all but dangerous weather. You will need to wear some kind of cap with a bill, and high tight-necked shirts are recommended (to prevent hot brass from falling down inside your shirt). Shoes are required – no sandals or flip-flop type of footwear. You will need to wear wrap around eye protection at all times on the range – if you are using prescription glasses you will need to provide clip on side protection (available at most hardware stores or welding supply stores). You will also need to wear hearing protection at all times on the range – we can provide head set hearing protection to you at no charge.

This training course and curriculum is directly derived from the KS State Attorney General’s Office outline. It is state mandated material and it is required to be presented in basically this form. Therefore all students regardless of training and experience must go through the same training course. We, as instructors will do our best to make the training applicable to everyone attending a CCH course. If some of the materials are a review for you as an individual please keep in mind they may be brand new to some of the other students.

Directions to Defense Midwest LLC.

From Wamego

Take Hwy 24 approximately 5 miles East to the Onaga Rd.

Take the Onaga Rd. 1 mile North to School View Rd.

Take School View Rd. ½ mile East to Peddicord Rd.

Take Peddicord Rd. just under 1/2 mile South to the Defense Midwest Entrance

Follow the lane through the field to the Training Facility

From Belvue

Take Hwy 24 approximately 3 miles West to the Onaga Rd.

Follow the instructions from above.

If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to contact one of the instructors.