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K-9 OTC Training

This is one of the countries finest, and as of yet unrecognized, dog trainer, breeder and supplier companies. Mose Hugghis has an ability and connection with working dogs that is seldom seen in today's market. He is a stand up guy who represents his product honestly and stands behind what he sells. You can't go wrong working with mokankennels. I am not a K-9 handler but I can see in Mose that special ability and recognition that comes from years of hard work, but also a love of what he does. Defense Midwest will be working, in the future, to integrate some of what mokankennels offers and to expand both of our operations and contacts all across the country.

Tactical Training

TFIT Direct Action Group

Max Joseph and his instructors are, in my opinion, the most motivational tactical instructors in business. Their techiniques are based in real world operations and have all passed the test of combat. I have travelled all over and spent my own training money to attend courses with Max. I recommend him highly - if you have any chance get to a course put on by TFTT, you will get more than your money's worth!


Mike Pannone is a devout student of tactics and their ultimate application. His knowledge of weapons operating systems is astounding and he has a canny ability to simplify complex issues down to workable solutions. He has overcome extensive injury and returned a competitive and skilled operator and instructor!

Lead Faucet Tactical

Dan Brokos will take your firearms programs, your vehicle tactics programs and your CQB knowledge to another level. He is as good of a hands on / user level instructor as I have encountered! Highly Recommended and your money will be well spent!

Explosive Breaching

Alan Brosnan, again in my opinion, runs the most challenging and functional explosives courses in America. If you are qualified do not miss an opportunity to take his explosive handlers and breachers courses. They are outstanding!

Charitable Donations

Special Operations Warrior Foundation is a great organization that does really good things on a personal level. I have worked with this group for the last two years for our 'Storm the Gates of Hell' Warrior Challenge and they are great people that are easy to work with. Please check out their site and the benefits of working with this group of people if you are looking for an organization that actually puts your money and effort directly to work for the people who need it!

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