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2019 Schedule

We are very excited about what 2019 has the potential to bring to the area here in NE Kansas. We are building working partnerships and relationships with instructors and training groups that provide cutting edge principals, tactics and techniques. We are expanding our facilities and operations to better suit our military and special operations community, which in the end will be a boost to our open enrollment courses - keep an eye open for extended range engagement courses and other specialty courses throughout the year. We are again focusing on providing direct hands on training so our facilities are not available for rent per se however we are eager to work with local groups and agencies to provide very competitive rates (please contact us with your specific needs)! 

Listed below are base examples of our rates for facilities, instructor and disposables (not including ammunitiion)

KS CCH Course - $100 per student

Basic Firearms Manipulations and Marksmanship Courses - $100 per student per day (half day courses also available)

Tactics / Tactical Courses - $125 per student per day

Reality Based Training Courses - $125 per student per day PLUS our cost of the actual amount of man marker rounds used

LE Dept. contracts - Instructor fee is $32 / hour with a mandatory 1-hour set up and tear down additional charge plus a $5 range fee per officer - for FOF courses there is a charge for the munitions and a $10 range fee per officer; we provide target stands, target backers and targets - we can conduct KS CPOST quals, Use of Force Concepts, all levels of firearms and tactics training, CQB, Active Shooter Response, Vehicle Interdiction, FOF (additional charge for munitions expenses), Defensive Tactics

Defense Midwest 'Storm the Gates of Hell' for the SOWF Warrior Challenge - Event, Silent / Active Auction, & Awards / Prize Banquet - $200 charitable donation to SOWF

Defense Midwest 'Debauchery at the KC Ren Fest' Group R&R - Period Costumes are pretty much required!!!



August 6 - 8, Desoto KS - Lead Faucet Tactical Urban Gunfighter Course

August 17 - John Johnson Tests and Standards $200 there is an event link on FB under Ballistic Radio

August 18 - Chuck Hagard, Agile / Training and Consulting OC instructor - contact Chuck for more information

August 24 & 25 Scott Jedlinski, Modern Samuarai Project 2-day Red Dot class - $450. open enrollment -

September 2 - 6 - AFSOC predeployment shooting class hosted in conjunction with Lead Faucet Tactical - closed course

September 14 09:00 - 18:30 - KS CCH course, $100, open enrollment - 16 student maximum

September 15 09:00 - 13:00 - CCH carry presentation and shooting fundamentals course, $60 open enrollment - 12 student maximum

September 21 Operators Legacy Development Training - current and past members of local SWAT organizations 1-day seminar and vender show - closed course


All Courses Require; Brimmed Hat, Wrap Around Ballistic Eye Protection, Hearing Protection (electronically enhanced is preferred), Factory Ammunition, and All Weather Range / Work clothing - we train rain or shine

Shoot House Courses Also Require a Ballistic Vest (these can be borrowed on site)

Reality Based Training Courses Require; 2 layers of clothing (no exposed skin), groin protection, females need additional chest protection, full face protection and throat coverage and protection

We offer a 20% discount to all Law Enforcement, Emergency Services & Military Personnel and their Spouses - unless otherwise noted in the course description and not available on Host Courses that are sponsored at our facility

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Black Out Dates in Addition to the Defense Midwest Schedule

The owners and operators of Defense Midwest believe that our first responders and emergency responders deserve the best training around - in that pursuit we work with local agencies to help provide a training venue without being prohibitive on the budget! 


Other Customizable Training Classes that we Offer on Request - minimum of 8 students are required

The emphasis in our programs is tactics and contextual applications
1 & 2 Day Firearms Courses for Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun, Subgun, & Precision Rifle
Custom Tactics Courses and Team Train-ups  

Reality Based Training with both force on target and force on force building blocks    

Please Contact us with your needs to develop an applicable curriculum

****Our Facility is an Instructional Facility Only ---- It is not open to the general public as a shooting range*

We offer a 20% discount to all Law Enforcement, Emergency Services & Military Personnel and their Spouses - unless otherwise noted in the course description - applicable only to Defense Midwest Courses and not applicable to outside instructors


If you are interested in additional training dates or courses please contact us for specifics. We will do our best to accommodate requests for customized dates and curriculum. We are also available for individual and small group instruction.

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