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Please check out the Resolute Ranch and Resiliency Co.'s activities - reach out to anyone you think could benefit from the events or the programs! We need help to develop the programs and to reach out to the people who might need the services!

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 Defense Midwest is open for training, we will do our best to limit contact and numbers. We are also not opening the facilites for anybody or any reason other than Defense Midwest Training - so until all this passes they are not available to rent or borrow the facilities!

Training and Schedule is ON


Our mission is to provide principal based training that directly develops professional and highly effective responses to high stress violent encounters - regardless of the level of experience of our students!
Defense Midwest is prides itself on being dedicated and focused on the learning experience of each student. Context is vital to everything in a tactical environment - our POI's are contextually relevant to real world applications. Our programs are built on principals that revolve around basic repetitive skills and manipulations. We believe that a solid foundational principal skill set gives the lone operator, the 2-man team and small units the greatest advantage to prevail in high stress violent encounters that occur in a world of ambiguity. As one of our early instructors coined his programs - we provide the basis for 'Some of the Answer' and we build confidence and skill for you to adapt the 'Rest of the Answer'!
Defense Midwest was founded May 2003. In the years following we have continued to build and develop both our physical facilities and our Points of Instruction to best challenge and help our students progress in their goals. That continues today with the addition and development of a second facility to better suit our small unit and team clients with a world class facility that allows a wide array of training contingencies to be added to the curriculum. 

Defense Midwest Facilities are only open for official Defense Midwest Courses and or Host Instructor Courses - they are all Instructional Only and not open for private use or rent by members of the general public

Private range time is available in an instructional one on one basis - contact for details and prices. 


If you are interested in additional training dates or courses please contact us for specifics. We will do our best to accommodate requests for customized dates and curriculum. We are also available for individual and small group instruction.

(888) 286-9286

5615 Peddicord Rd. 
Wamego, KS 66547

Operations Director / Instructor
Buck Peddicord
(785) 456-4314 - Voice/Text

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Patrick Schuck - Director of Logistics / Assistant Instructor

Sherri Schuck - Primary Instructor Yoga and Wellness


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