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Resolute Ranch & Resiliency Co.
Defense Midwest, and all of the associated instructors and affiliates are acutely aware of and saddened by the excessively high rate of suicide and other self destructive habits associated with service in this country; whether that service is military, law enforcement or emergency services. This directly applies to service members, their spouses, their families, and/or their significant others. We have all been directly impacted from the effects of stress modern service puts on these family units and of the tragic loss and damage that can't be fixed. We are dedicating our own time and money to helping prevent these tragedies and to hopefully reduce the numbers significantly. Active outdoor activities coupled with working with animals and other agricultural enterprises have proven to be helpful in refocusing and resetting individuals perspectives on their own lives and on their importance. We recognize the problem is obviously quite complex and individual, and that our reach is limited - but what Resolute Ranch and Resiliency Co. offers is a supportive environment focused on passing on the qualities and benefits of being resolute and staying resilient during difficult times and situations! 
Resolute Ranch and Resiliency Co. is a 501c nonprofit organization developed around the premise of providing a working ranch and farm recreational respite for people who need a mental rest. It is primarily focused on active duty military, veterans, law enforcement, emergency services personnel and their families and significant others. We do not provide treatment or therapy but we offer a respite in an outdoor active environment with a focus on Resiliency under stress.
We are developing and intend to offer a self contained facility where people can come and stay for a few nights. We plan to  introduce participants to modern agriculture and animal husbandry, to have access to equestrian facilities and horseback riding both in an arena and on trails, hiking trails, in season controlled hunting area, firearms range facilities, and K9 socialization and training programs.
Anyone that is interested in participating please contact us for dates and reservations. As some of the phases are still in the developmental stage, we encourage and welcome members of our target group to contact us for possible collaboration and assistance.
If you are interested in donating goods, services or money please contact us. We will provide a presentation on our mission and our current facilities and our future goals and plans. Every penny we raise goes directly into the operation of the facilities and into insuring that cost will never preclude anyone from taking advantage of our programs.
We are receptive to coordinating and working with other active charities that operate programs reflecting the same areas as our concerns; to include the use of our facilities and to develop coordinated fund raising events and respite opportunities.