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We Take Pride in Developing Basic Skill Sets Under Stressful Conditions

Our Speciality is Custom  Law Enforcement, Military and Security Courses Designed Specifically For The Individual Department, Team or Unit

 Basic Training Firearms Courses; handgun, shotgun, subgun, rifle and precision rifle - including state qualification   

Live Fire Tactics; CQB

Low Light Engagement Principles and Tactics; tactical use of artificial white light in the low light environment

Force on Force; Tactical Problem Solving Under Duress 

 Special Operations High Risk Entry Tactics; team evaluations, custom refresher courses and basic training

Train the Trainer

We Also Believe Strongly that Members of the General Public Deserve High Quality Combatives and Firearms Training and that You Have the Inalienable Right to Self Protection - Therefore We Offer Standardized and Custom Training Courses to Qualified Members of the General Public

Kansas Certified 8-hour Concealed Carry Training Course
Firearms Safety and Familiarization - children and adult
Women's Only Courses - introduction to handguns and defensive handgun
Basic Defensive Firearms Courses; handgun, shotgun, carbine / rifle
Basic Low Light Principles and Tactics Courses
Force on Force Training Scenarios
Basic Unarmed Defensive Skills


Our facilities currently offer;
Climate controlled classroom seating up to 20, with A/V equipment
Unisex restroom facility
150 yard flat range capable of 14 shooting lanes
Various paper, steel, charging, and moving target choices
Live fire facade house and assault course
Live fire shoot house facility
Vehicle engagement area
Sniper tower capable of 400 yard engagements
Confidence course

We are currently in the development stages of designing and building a rappelling wall, a breaching wall and an airsoft / paintball barricade field.


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