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These blocks of instruction are intended for and directed at individuals with little or no experience

The Lioness Program is not a regularly scheduled event - it is available upon request to groups. The fees are fully intended to be affordable enough to make them attractive to anyone that needs the information - however we do have scholorships avalable for those that can't afford the training (please inquire with any interest)

Block 1 - This is a relaxed 4-hour block of instruction that will be offered free of charge to groups of 10 or more and it can be hosted at our facilities in Wamego, or at remote facilities if the sponsors want to secure an alternate location. There may be a travel fee if the event is outside a general 40 mile radius.

This block of instruction will cover; Defining Trauma and Violence against women through the use of current statistics and events, It will describe in detail how the brain and the body respond to violence / high stress situations, How the brain stores inputs under stress and how that affects recall of those events and feelings, It will focus on the physiological and psychological effects of the fight / flight / freeze parasympathetic response of the brain and body, And it will discuss various conscious actions that can be taken to reduce and minimize both the effects of trauma / high stress encounters as well as reduce and minimize the last effects of these types of incidents. These are effective coping mechanisms both during and after high stress events applicable to a wide range of applications - not just use of force / deadly force.

This is a shotgun approach to vital issues on an individual level - nonspecific to the causation but highly effective responses to the signs and symptoms of PTSD related issues. While this is directed towards survivors of trauma, violence, or other life altering events - it is in no way only applicable to that! This training draws from currently recognized programs that develop highly skilled and focused sports athletes, military and police special operations' personnel and effective business leaders. This is a program in winning at life that is applicable to a wide range of people!


Block 2 - This will be a lecture and hands on class detailing specific physical response mechanisms to deal with interpersonal violet conflict (both verbal and physical). The Principals will be directly applicable to the foundation information from the Block 1 lecture. The tactics, techniques and principals that will be covered are simple and straight forward applicable to wide range of physical size and athletic ability! We will tailor our skills to each and every individual and their particular physical and psychological foundation!

Block 3 - Enhancing the Skills from block 3 - more physical and more dynamic development of the previous block's techniques

Block 4 - Common Intermediate Weapons (OC spray, stun guns, impact tools) - their contextual applications and legal issues

Block 5 - Introduction to Handguns - this is just an introduction course, primarily designed to propagate safety and confidence in handling a firearm and the legal implications of self defense

Block 6 - Basic Handgun Skills - this is an introduction too safely and effectively controlling, handling and firing a handgun

Block 7 - Handgun Carry Skills - this builds on the previous firearms courses, and adds drawing from a holster or preferred concealment method

Block 8 - Stress Inoculation - this is a series of scenarios that require adaption to an ambiguous environment; teaches confidence and control under stress

While the training curriculum will be the same - no class will ever be the same due to the dynamic nature of individuals and personalities in the course. In other words, block one lecture outline will be the same outline form course to course however the training points and the discussion will vary greatly from course to course based on the experiences of the students in that class. The point is that many people will find it beneficial too repetitively attend certain blocks of instruction. There is no limit on the number of times one takes a block - the only requirement is to take the blocks in order as one progresses through the overall course. And at any time one can go back to revisit topics in a block. This is the input and the student control over the materials in the course that we are looking / hoping for!